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Dr. Yew

Dr Yew is the Co-Founder of Yew’s Tuition Centre Pte Ltd (YTC). Together with Mrs Yew, he has been teaching for the past 18 years and he is also a sought-after tutor till now. Throughout the years, Dr Yew has graduated more than a thousand students and has gone on to pursue their Diplomas and Degrees in local Polytechnics and Universities.

Dr Yew focuses on explaining concepts and strategies in a clear and concise manner and challenges students to think deeper about what they have learnt. He enjoys teaching and gets along well with his students. Dr Yew never fails to take out extra time to come to his students’ and he truthfully believes in the best of every student from all backgrounds. He continues to employ creative yet effective ways to make his lessons engaging, enabling students to learn better. 

Dr Yew and Mrs Yew strongly believe that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Dr. Christina

Dr Christina has a Doctorate Degree in Chemistry (PhD). She has taught in a private University, MDIS for more than 5 years before switching to join YTC. She has been teaching in YTC for more than 7 years and she teaches from Sec 1 to Sec 4 in all Science subjects; Combined Science, Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics & Biology. She also teaches H1 & H2 in Chemistry for Junior College.  She is a very experienced teacher and explains concepts very well. She relates and gets along very well with students to clear their doubts. She also has the ability to help weak students to excel in the level they are in. Being well-liked and nurturing, she has a wealth of experience that she can share with her students. Students are appreciative for her patience and dedicated efforts.

Ms. Tan

Ms. Tan graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Masters in Chemistry (MSc). Her passion for teaching came about when she was the recipient as a student herself during her school days.

She sees that there is a gap for more improvement and methods in making the students to love Mathematics. In her classes, she kindles her students’ interest in the subject through her fast and effective methods of learning Mathematics.

She specializes in Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics for Secondary levels. Mrs Tan focuses on explaining mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner and challenges students to think deeper about what have learnt.

She is a patient, caring, loving and hardworking teacher who has helped many students improve their Mathematics grades tremendously and brought back hope to them.

Ms. Wong

Ms. Wong is an ex-MOE teacher who has many years of experience teaching the Primary and Secondary levels. Not only does she hold a Diploma in Education (NIE) in Chinese Language, she has also been teaching the English, Mathematics & Science curriculum for the past 13 years. Over the years in teaching, she has taught students of different learning abilities. Being an experienced school teacher, Ms Wong is very familiar with the school curriculum, the examination format and the PSLE marking scheme. 

Ms Wong employs a diagnostic approach in teaching and imparts examination strategies that have proven to help her students improve their results and excel in the PSLE. 

Ms Wong also teaches the Chinese Language from Secondary 1 to 4. She believes that every student can do well in Chinese Language, if they receive the right method and ways of applying what they had learned in examinations.

Ms. Zoe

Ms Zoe has a passion in teaching the younger age group as she finds the potential in them as they start young in education. She is well-regarded for her patience and detailed as well as clarity of explanation of concepts as a passionate teacher. Ms Zoe helps children revise the syllabus and hone examination skills to improve. She develops the child’s proficiency in writing, speaking, reading and listening so that they are able to learn English Language more effectively and confidently in a less intimidating environment. With much confidence, it inspires action, and action leads to results. Ms Zoe also creates a comfortable learning atmosphere during her lessons.

Ms. Yew

Ms Yew is currently teaching Additional and Elementary Mathematics to Secondary level students. She employs creative yet effective ways to make her lessons engaging, enabling students to learn better. Ms Yew is deeply passionate about teaching and strives to help her students understand concepts easily and improve in their results. She possesses an amiable character that endears her naturally to her students, which allows her to lead them to a strong understanding of the concepts that she teaches. She enjoys teaching and gets along well with her students. 

Mrs. Yew

Mrs Yew is the Founder of Yew’s Tuition Centre Pte Ltd (YTC). Being a mother of 2 children, she teaches the students as though it is hers. Her passion for teaching arose when she had a mandate that every student deserves the help they need in whatever financial background they are from. She has been tutoring for the last 19 years and she is a sought-after tutor till now. She has graduated more than 1800 students and many of them had graduated as Diploma and Degree holders as they saw hope and dare to dream of their future after coming to YTC. 

With her passion, Mrs Yew shone as a strong and nurturing teacher throughout the years of teaching. She kindles her students’ interest in all the subjects through her fast and effective methods of learning all subjects. Mrs Yew strives to help her students understand concepts easily and improve in their results. She is a firm believer in communication, thus she is able to design her lessons based on her students’ strengths and weaknesses to help them better grasp the concepts.

Mr. Chew

Mr Chew has years of teaching experience in YTC and being a father of 2, he believes that the teacher’s pedagogical style is crucial in helping students achieve academic success. A very patient teacher who guides students through detailed step-by-step approach to problem solving as well as engaging in discussion/dialogue format of presentation in classroom experience. Mr Chew has the ability to help weak students from their level and bring them to the next level. Many students have improved tremendously after being taught by him.

Mrs. Lee

Mrs Lee is a sought-after teacher who has been teaching in YTC for more than 15 years. She has graduated hundreds of PSLE students and many of whom have gone to TOP schools. She is able to illustrate difficult concepts with easy everyday examples that her students can relate well to. Her strength lies in her ability to quickly build rapport with her students to bring the best in them.

Ms. Ang

Ms Ang has more than 15 years of teaching experience and is well-versed in the Primary School syllabus for English, Math and Science as well as Secondary English.

She places great emphasis on the mastery of core concepts and applies bespoke strategies to help her students strive for academic excellence at all levels. She is able to break down complex concepts in simple and clear ways that help her students to understand better.

Beyond academia, Ms Ang aims to instill lifelong learning skills like self-motivation, build confidence and problem-solving techniques that equip her students to face challenges head-on in our fast paced and everchanging world. Her dedication and commitment to her students is attested by many parents who continue to entrust their children’s academic and character development to her through the years.

Ms Ang graduated with a Diploma in Marketing, Business from Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore).

Ms. Toh

Ms Toh is an experienced primary school Chinese teacher who has been anchoring our Chinese Language tutorage for the past 15 years. She is a diligent, passionate and caring teacher who believes in the joy of learning and using questioning as one of the many ways to develop critical thinking in her teaching.

She guides students in answering open-ended questions in order to do well. She has since graduated hundreds of students and many have done well in the cohort as well as PSLE.

She is loved by many students and they would visit her even they have grown into their teens and adulthood.


YTC has very dedicated and caring teachers who goes all out to reach out to the needs of my children. Syllabus are taught ahead of their schools, allowing my children to be better prepared and be more confident in school. With YTC’s help and guidance, my son has scored an aggregate score of 274 for his PSLE! Thank you YTC for helping my children!
Parents of Tia Shi Wei (P6 EMS)
My nephew started attending YTC for English, Math and Phonics since he started K2 and he’s now attending English, Math and Creative Writing in P1. I remember when he first attended in K2, he had struggled to even read a book. But within months, his English improved and he could progress to read. Right now, he’s doing so well in school. Learning his spelling has also become an easy activity for him - in fact he learns his spelling during his car rides home to save time! YTC has nurtured him and he’s blossomed into a child with a and teaching methods there have also resulted in him . Send your child to YTC if you want good results AND effective teaching!
Parents of Zayden Chang (P1 EM )
YTC teachers are very responsible and reliable who will never miss or be late for their lessons. During lessons, they break the concepts down so that the children can understand them easily. Their lessons are always fun and engaging. They are concerned about the children under their charge. They with them, and encourage them. They are extremely towards the children. My child has been making steady progress over the months and we are proud that he had achieved second position in class for the end-of-year examination. Thank you very much, YTC!
Parents of Brycen Fong Jun Yi (P1 EM)
Our child, Jun Kiat scored an aggregate of 258 for his PSLE. We noticed the great improvement especially in Maths & Science since he joined Mrs Lee's tuition class at YTC. Most importantly, Jun Kiat enjoyed his lessons and was able to absorb well. Mrs Lee was able to conduct the lessons with patience and dedication. Jun Kiat was obviously confident with the subjects and topics taught. Thank you, Mrs Lee!
Parents of Jun Kiat (P6 EMS)


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